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The first step is to find the right journey that excites you the most. This is so relevant because a wide range of Bizagi Certifications is available. And once you decide about your learning path, it is the right time to choose the most suitable Bizagi certification from the choices available within your learning path. See the different learning paths here.

You can find preparation guides for each certification by following the links below. These guides include detailed courses, workshops, and certifications that are prerequisites for each process:

It is strongly recommended to have work experience using Bizagi BPM Suite; however, this is not a prerequisite for a Bizagi Certification.

The Bizagi certifications are available in English and Spanish.

The steps to register for a Bizagi Certification:

  • Choose your certification and language
  • Verify the prerequisites
  • Pay your certification
  • Upon receipt of payment you will receive instruction on how to start your Certification process.

You can pay for a certification using a credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Use the corresponding link to start your payment process:

A Bizagi Certification costs 300 USD.

Each certification consists of two individual exams: an online exam followed by a practical exercise. The online exam consists of multiple-choice and true-false questions that are careful designed by Bizagi experts. The practical exercise is a business situation with a series of requirements that must be fulfilled using Bizagi BPM Suite.

Bizagi uses a 0-100 point scale with 70 as the passing mark for the exams. The online exam is automatic evaluated. Practical exercise are evaluated by Bizagi experts. This panel of experts examines every certification exam to ensure that the grading process provides an accurate assessment of a candidate"s proficiency.

In most cases, each item is worth one point; however, some questions or question types may be worth more than one point. Bizagi does not provide information about how many points specific items are worth.

If you answer incorrectly, you will simply not earn the points associated with answering correctly.

You must fulfill the prerequisites of the certification. You should have extensive experience for all listed exam topics. Review the recommended materials listed in the self-paced courses. It is highly recommended to take our instructor-led courses that gives you hands-on experience and in-depth expertise.

Having enabled your online exam, you will have one month to start it. This exam takes 2 hours. If you pass the online exam, you have to select a starting date within the next 2 weeks to develop the practical exercise assigned. You have 5 calendar days to return your solution. There is no extension on these dates, so it is important that you plan your time well when you decide to present the Bizagi Certifications.

Results for online exams that only consist of only multiple choice questions will be provided immediately upon completion. The practical exercise is scored within 4 weeks. You will receive your score by email.

You will receive notification via e-mail. Your mailed information will contain your score, feedback and the steps to download your certification.

In case you did not get the minimum score on the theoretical online exam, you can retake this exam after 1 month. If you fail the certification, you can retake it after 3 months of the last attempt failed. You can continue studying to achieve the skills needed, review the recommended free self-paced courses again and attend the instructor-led courses that give you hands-on experience and in-depth expertise. The establish times had been defined taking into account that if you fail the exam on the first attempt, we consider important to have some practice in projects before taking the examen again. Note if you fail the theoretical online exam, or the whole certification, you must pay again for retaking it.

Yes, you can send your comment to Bizagi experts will analyze and answer your feedback.

We are unable to offer refunds for failed exams.

You will receive your score, feedback and the steps to download your certification.

Simply follow these steps in the exact order below to claim your Certificate.

  • Login to your Bizagi Account using the email that you provided to start the Certification process.
  • Visit the Bizagi Training area where you will see "My Certifications".
  • Click on the "Download" button to start the automatic download. You’re now ready to display your Bizagi Certified status to the world!

Bizagi Certifications are valid for 2 years.

In case you did not get the minimum score on the theoretical online exam, you can retake this exam after 1 month. If you fail the certification, you can retake it after 3 months of the last attempt failed. Note you must pay for each certification attempt.

The online exam is based on a series of questions that are careful designed and tested by several Bizagi experts before being included in Bizagi certifications. If you would like to submit a comment about a question, you can send it to Bizagi experts will analyze and answer your feedback. Regarding your practical exercise, you can request a re-evaluation of your score sending your comments to our panel of expert evaluators. Bizagi experts will analyze and answer your request.

You made the effort to pass the certification in the first place. Maintaining your certification secures the investment you have already made in your career. Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to assure the quality of process automation. Certification is an investment in your career.

A candidate must answer all the tests and exams individually without help. Cheating is any action that negatively affects the integrity of the Bizagi Certification program or enables an unqualified candidate to pass an exam.

If a candidate violates this rule, the candidate is permanently ineligible for any Bizagi Certification and will lose any Bizagi certification the individual already holds and his/her Bizagi account.

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