Award of Completion

Have you completed your Bizagi self-paced course?
Now get your Award of Completion!

1. Discover our self-paced courses

Login into our elearning site and discover all the free self-paced courses that Bizagi offers

2. Take and pass our self paced courses

Work your way through all the course items and pass with 90% to qualify for an award

3. Get your Award of Completion

Download your award as a PDF and share what you’ve learned with everyone!

Get your award today!

Follow the 6 steps below to claim your award.

1. Login into our Elearning site.

2. Select a course according to our Learning journeys.

Don't forget! You can also check how far you’ve progressed through each course in the Course Catalog.

3. Complete the activities within the course and verify your completion.

Use the Check Mark to verify completion of each activity.

4. Go to the Award of Completion section on the course page, click on the Get your award button and login to your Bizagi account.

5. Check your account details paying careful attention to your First Name and Last Name since these will be displayed on your award (Warning! You only have one chance to generate this).

6. Go to the Training area and download your award from the My self-paced courses section.

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