Process Applications for Knowledge Workers

topics Overview

In our previous courses we learned how to model and build processes using Bizagi BPM Suite. These business situations were represented by well-defined processes, that is, we could foresee the flow of a process with its different activities, from the beginning to the end. These processes are predictable or structured.

However, there are other business situations where the flow of a process is not so easily identifiable. The sequence of activities is established by experts and knowledge workers, who make informed decisions when defining a process’s paths with a view to resolving a specific business scenario. The paths are progressive depending on the current state of the scenario and because we do not know what is going to happen with certainty.

The experts or knowledge workers involved can trigger different steps or actions according to their understanding of the characteristics of, and events, documents, and information related. These additional steps can be used by the experts at their discretion. The possible combinations of the additional actions done in a particular claim can be numerous.

In this course we will learn Bizagi’s essential concepts to model better these business scenarios and create running applications using Bizagi BPM Suite.


In this course we will learn how better to model business scenarios where knowledge workers are highly involved to:

  • Empower knowledge workers to do their job in the best way with the flexibility of having many options available to them.
  • Create a customized user experience that best suits their job and the tasks they need to perform, and their main objectives.
  • Combine unpredictable and predictable processes in any business situation and take advantage of the core characteristics of each type, that is, the level of standardization of the predictable process and the flexibility of the unpredictable ones.
topics Topics outline
  • Personalized Work Portal
  • Stakeholders
  • Actions
  • My Stuff
  • Searches
  • Navigating business data
  • Launching actions from processes
  • Recording information before starting a process
  • Conditional tasks
  • Conditional events
  • Context of Stakeholders
Recommended background

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved and interested in the development of BPM projects.

  • Process analysts
  • Process designers
  • BPM developers
topics How it works

We recommend the course taker to view the course’s resources and reproduce them in his/her local environment in order to clarify any possible doubts he/she might have regarding procedure, practice or theory involved in the exercises.

The effectiveness of the course is directly related to the effort that is invested in it. The resources are available for free for anyone who wants to learn something about process modeling, but the results achieved are dependent on the amount of time and work the learner is prepared to commit to the course.

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