Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation with Bizagi

Explore the world of Robot Process Automation (RPA), and how combined with Digital Process Automation (DPA) enhances your business efficiency and accuracy in your businesses (RPA +DPA). Learn how to integrate RPA Solutions like UiPath in Bizagi.

Learn what Robot Process Automation is; how do you create RPA processes, and how do you use them in Bizagi.

This is a free course, at the end you can claim your Award on completion or if you want to take the exam and get your Bizagi certification.

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    • Learn what Robot Process Automation is
    • Learn what is UiPath as an RPA solution
    • Learn how do you create and publish RPA processes with UiPath
    • Learn how do you use RPA processes in DPA processes with Bizagi

Topics outline

    • RPA
    • UiPath Structure
    • RPA process creation with UIPath
    • RPA process publication with UiPath
    • Using RPA processes with Bizagi

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