Process Modeling

Deep dive with Bizagi Modeler

In this course, you are going to learn how Bizagi Modeler Enterprise enable your company to design its processes collaboratively and also how to increase your enterprise-wide governance making sure everybody involved knows the processes and executes these in the same way.

How it works

We recommend that the course participant views the course’s resources and reproduces them in their trial account to clarify any possible doubts they might have regarding the procedures, practices or theory involved in the exercises.

The effectiveness of the course is directly related to the effort that is invested in it. These resources are available for free for anyone who wants to learn something about Modeler Services, but the results achieved are dependent on the amount of time and work the learner is prepared to commit to the course.

Recommended background

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved and interested in the development of BPM projects but who are not technical users. This course will teach you how upload, share and publish business processes using Bizagi Modeler Enterprise.

Extra resources

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  • Learn how to save and share a model in Bizagi Cloud.
  • Review how to invite other colleagues to collaborate in the definition of your processes.
  • Learn how to organize your corporate processes into different folders.
  • Understand how to achieve the governance of the processes in your company.

Topics outline

  • Introduction
  • Saving your models in Bizagi Cloud
  • Browsing your models
  • Collaborating
  • Managing folders
  • Publishing diagrams
  • Governance
  • Alarms
  • Management
  • Users Management

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