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Learn how Bizagi 11.2 can benefit your business and get started today with our videos and user guide.

New Features in Bizagi Studio - RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is increasingly being used by businesses to perform basic, repetitive tasks such as form-filling and calculations that would ordinarily be done by humans. Using RPA with your BPM strategies helps you increase efficiency and productivity, improve compliance, and execute tasks accurately.

Let’s see how RPA and Bizagi can be used together to achieve true digital process automation.

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How to Configure RPA in Bizagi with UiPath

UiPath is an RPA solution that provides tools for developing and managing robots. Now you can integrate UiPath with Bizagi.

We will learn how RPA is configured in Bizagi using UiPath.

Are you interested in any further information and demonstrations? See our What’s New in Bizagi webinar.

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New Features in Bizagi Studio - Excel Connector

The Excel connector enables us to connect out-of-the-box Excel and Bizagi’s reading and writing information from Excel.

With this connector, Bizagi users can seamlessly use the results of complex calculations, through financial or statistical functions configured in Excel sheets.

Let’s discover how to use this connector to take advantage of Excel in process automation with Bizagi.

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How to Configure the Excel Connector

Now, it is time to learn how to configure the Excel connector in a Bizagi project.

Discover the steps to integrate Bizagi with Excel.

New Features and Improvements.

This version brings more great features such as new controls for UI, Multifactor Authentication, and new features of diagnostics.

See our What’s New in Bizagi webinar to learn about all the new features included.

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