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Email integration

Users are be able to approve/reject requests from an email in Outlook or their mail client of choice.

Users receive an email with a pre-configured template created in Bizagi Studio.

Users can take action from the email and click on any of the buttons included in the email. Bizagi will then process and complete the task, moving the process forward.

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Automatic testing

Resource kit designed to test Bizagi processes automatically in Development and Testing environments.

The Automatic (Auto) Testing tool executes without human intervention any previously recorded scenarios. It validates that the outcome of those scenarios and the process flow/path followed are correct.

This greatly reduces the time and resources required to validate that processes are performing well after changes/enhancements have been introduced. This otherwise manual activity is very time consuming in BPM projects.


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Search List control

The Search List control enables you to select multiple items from a list and relate them together.

Want to assign job roles or tasks to multiple locations? Simply tap in the name of the record and Bizagi displays a list of matches.

For example, choose several European countries to visit for your next trip, without using a table.

The Search list control displays ALL records for European countries, enabling you to select one or more and associate them to the Countries to visit attribute.

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Actions involving collection elements and controls outside the collection

You can now create Actions and Validations that include elements (columns) of a table and elements outside of the collection.

This was not possible before.

Previously, if an Action involved an element of a collection, only elements within the table were available.

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Filter tables using Expressions

You can now use Expressions to filter records within a table.

This improvement permits creating complex filters according to your Business needs.

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