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SAP out-of-the-box Connector

Integrate your processes with your SAP system, in an agile and zero-programming approach. Through our SAP Connector you can:

  • Invoke any RFC function in SAP (typically BAPIs), either though the user interface (i.e when clicking a button) or as an asynchronous integration (and enable automatic retries).
  • Rely on the graphical mapping features to configure both the inputs and outputs of your SAP BAPIs.
  • Configure a special routing for any of the predefined SAP exceptions handled by your BAPIs.
  • Rely on an RFC connection to benefit from a secure connection and enhanced performance.

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Management forms for Parameter entities and Query forms now supported in the new Forms designer

Up to version 10.5, Query Forms and Management Forms for Parameter entities were created in Bizagi’s traditional design environment.

From version 10.6.1 all new Query Forms and Management Forms for Parameter entities are now created using our new Forms Designer to deliver a powerful and appealing UI for human Activities, which include: a friendly layout distribution and improved actions and validations.

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Advanced parameters for Web Service invocations

It is now possible to configure specific parameters that are useful when sending large volumes of information via Web Services.

By default and according to best practices (both for security and performance), Bizagi limits the size of information that can be sent to external Web Services.

However, in sophisticated scenarios where it is strictly needed to surpass the limit, you may configure the following advanced parameters: : Max Buffer Size, Max Buffer Pool Size, Max String Content Length, Max Array Length, Max Bytes Per Read, Max Name Table Char count.

You may configure these directly in Bizagi Studio or manage their values in other environments through the Management Console.

Does not apply for JEE platforms because these parameters are specific to the Windows Communication Foundation specification files (WCF).

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Invoke REST services using JSON

Now it is possible to send and receive JSON-structured files when invoking a RESTful service.

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Federated authentication

Bizagi now supports integration with Identity provider systems that comply with the WS-Federation standard, such as Active Directory Federation Services.

Through Federated authentication setup in Bizagi, the Work portal relies on Single Sign-On capabilities so that end users login only once to their domain and access any applications in it, through any device.

Available only for .NET.

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Translate your Work Portal in the Production environment

Now you can manage the language settings from the Work Portal, easily and directly from development and production environments. You will find a new option under the Admin section of the Work Portal called Language settings. From there, you can activate additional languages and update the localization of different elements following a simple massive approach.

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Customize the Yellow task at risk signal

Process now have a new property called Risk signal. This property defines the time frame in which an activity of the process becomes "at risk" (marked with the yellow icon/semaphore in the Work Portal). The time set will define when a task turns yellow before expiring.

This property applies for all activities of the process and does not consider the Working time schema.

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Release / reallocate an activity

Activities have a new property called Allow to release. When enabled, the end user allocated to an activity will be able to waive this allocation. Bizagi will re-execute the allocation of the task excluding this user, but maintaining the allocation policies defined.

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