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Go beyond standard integration features with Bizagi Connectors, out-of-the-box Connectors library, which allow you to integrate your processes with trending corporative systems easily, especially with those having cloud applications. Take advantage of scores of ready-to-use connectors to reduce time connecting with external systems (CRMs, email providers, survey manager, etc.). Create your own connectors easily and configure them in a few quick steps.

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Assisted Rest Connectors

With the Assisted REST Connectors, Bizagi 11.0 makes it possible to connect with most cloud applications using zero code. Users can create these connectors on the Bizagi Connector Editor, a browser-accessible SDK, using a free and easy-to-use assistant.

Custom connectors

Bizagi 11.0 boosts your integration capabilities by allowing you to generate your own connection code using Custom Connectors. Bizagi will assist you in the creation of these connectors and provide you additional tools to customize your connectors yourself.

Bizagi Plans

Not all processes can be planned ahead of time - they arise from new circumstances. But once they have arisen, they should be managed. Think of a meeting and all the series of activities that are left to be done. Bizagi introduces a wonderful capability called Plans. A Plan can be created on-the-fly during the meeting, and contains all activities that need to be performed as a result.

With Plans knowledge workers decide which activities are needed, the order in which they are executed (sequential or in parallel), due dates and who is responsible for each one.

Whenever needed, if a Plan activity is complex, the allocated user can split it into a series of simpler tasks, creating a new Plan within the activity to control them.

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Process Applications for Knowledge Workers

In our previous courses we learned how to model and build processes using Bizagi BPM Suite. These business situations were represented by well-defined processes.

However, in many business situations the course of action is not known beforehand, it emerges during process execution and depends on the information available. Bizagi 11 offers great features that allow knowledge workers to make informed decisions that define the course of action of each case.

In this course we will learn how better to model these business scenarios to:

  • Empower knowledge workers to achieve their objectives by launching processes, updating data records with the click of a button, creating new records of an entity and link process together to create powerful cases.
  • Create a customized user experience that best suits their job and the tasks they need to perform, and their main objectives.
  • Combine unpredictable and predictable processes in any business situation and take advantage of the core characteristics of each type.

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Bizagi Diagnostics

Bizagi Diagnostics is a toolkit featured by Bizagi in order to provide monitoring options for Bizagi Engine operations in a test or production environment.

By relying on Bizagi Diagnostics, a system administrator can run health checks on Bizagi Engine components and overall, identifying issues that are affecting the adequate operations of the project, in order to analyze and resolve them promptly.

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