Authentication in Bizagi

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Understand the main concepts of Identification, Authentication, and Authorization in Bizagi. Explore the different types of authentication offered by Bizagi, how you can configure each of them. Learn the basic concepts to synchronize users from external applications to Bizagi.

  • Understand the differences between Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
  • Learn about Delegated Authentication and Federated Authentication
  • Learn how to configure the different Authentication types offered by Bizagi: Windows, Mixed, Federated, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, OAuth 2.0 and LDAP
  • Learn how to synchronize users in Bizagi. This can be through an LDAP synchronization, importing users from Excel or importing users using the Bizagi SOA Layer.
topics Tópicos
  • Authorization process
  • Types of authentication
  • Differences between Delegation and Federation
  • Bizagi Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Mixed Authentication
  • Federated
  • SAML 2.0
  • WS-Federation
  • OAuth 2.0
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Synchronizing users
Público recomendado

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved and interested in the development of BPM projects, particularly in the configuration and understanding if Bizagi Authentication types and user’s management.

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